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So you need a new website.

Start by thinking about what you want to accomplish with the site. It maybe that your site’s content is OK, but the overall look of the website is a bit dated. Perhaps you have products that you want to sell, in which case you would need some form of shopping cart. Perhaps you have a new book, and you would like it to be on Amazon’s Top Ten Best Seller list, or even the New York Times Best Seller list.

No matter what your reason is for researching website design companies, you need to first step back and look at the end goal.

Where do you go from here?

This is often the hardest part for our customers. Knowing what you want can be as difficult as finding the right person or company to do it.

I always tell customers to look at the competition. Google the search terms that are relative to your business, see who is out there, what their site offers and most importantly what their site looks like. Whether you like the way the site looks or hate it, either reaction will help you decide how you want your site to look – or not look.

Things to Notice about a Website

  • Color Scheme (Harmonious or clashing?)
  • Navigation (Easy to find what you are looking for, or do you have to hunt?)
  • Use of “White Space” (Is the site cluttered or nicely spaced out?)
  • Overall look (Does it look fresh or dated?)

Things to Notice About a Website Design Company

  • How does their website look? (If it looks unprofessional, so will yours)
  • Do they have lots of recent samples of their work?
  • Do all their samples look about the same (Basically a template site)
  • Do you like their work? (You can see samples of our work here)
  • When you contact them how fast to they get back to you? (if they are slow before the sale…lookout!)
  • Do they have many positive endorsements or testimonials?

Harper Law Firm, PLLC

For more than 25 years, Richard (“Rick”) Harper has been representing injured people in from the mountains of Western North Carolina. He is now joined in practice by his wife Patti and sons Josh and David. Read more at

Appalachian Apiaries

A family owned and operated Apiary. Appalachian Apiaries raise and sell honeybees. We support local farmers, fellow beekeepers, and our communities with pollination, top-quality nucs & of beekeeping supplies. Read more at

Callie K. Levina

CALLIE K LEVINA is an Energetic Transformational Coach,
Certified ThetaHealing®️Specialist, Access Consciousness®️ Bars/Body Practitioner.

United Methodist Church

Rev. Ann Duncan has served as pastor of Maggie Valley United Methodist Church since July 2018.  She is from Western North Carolina and the daughter of two United Methodist ministers.  Read more at

Joanna Durkin

Joanna is bilingual in Chinese and English, an author, a speaker, an international entrepreneur, and a goal achiever. She’s dedicated to mentoring children and their parents for over 20 years. Read more at

Dr. Edwin Lee

The Institute for Hormonal Balance is a state-of-the art medical spa specializing in age management and health optimization through holistic methods. Read more at

From Grieving to Joyful Living

Dr. Birgitte Tan, DVM is a Veterinary oncologist and a Grief Recovery Specialist.  After years of seeing the impact of grief on her oncology clients, and having been through multitude of grief herself, Dr. Birgitte Tan understands how grief affected our daily life. 

Jackson County Democrats - NC

The mission of the Jackson County Democratic Party is to elect qualified Democrats to county, state and national offices and to advocate for policies that reflect our values. Read more at

Henley & Company, NY

Henley & Company LLC, is a New York City based firm, as well as a full-service, network of experienced investment professionals utilizing the newest electronic communications and processing systems. Read more at

Brooke O'Shea Executive Leadership Coach

Brooke O’Shea has been guiding leaders and teams through the process of personal transformational change for over 16 years. Using a unique intention-led approach, Brooke collaborates with leaders and teams to develop a customized coaching experience that aligns people’s intentions and values with their behavior. Read more at


The Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE), a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence in high-technology manufacturing, is the go-to organization for manufacturing and advanced technical education. Read more at

Smith & Morgan Law, P.A.

Founding Attorney Michele D. Smith and her partner William J. Morgan, proudly providing legal services in Sylva, North Carolina. Read more at

Bristol Senior Living

Bristol Senior Living is a renowned Assisted Living and Memory Care operator that prides itself on our commitment to providing superior resident care. Read more at