Is Your Site Safe?

WordPress Software & Plugins All up to Date?

When did you last check? 


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As soon as you sign up for this service, I will install backup and security scanning software. I will then run a backup and a scan.

I will sign in to your site twice a month to check for needed updates. If new software is available, I will install all new plugin versions… including your main WordPress framework. Rest easy, its …

Only $29

…per month. This is an introductory price for the first 6 months. The price goes up to $39 / month after that.

Act fast though, this is only for the first 20 clients.

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What People are Saying

“ Great Service”

I used to worry about hacking and software trouble. Not any more

Susan M.

“Best Price Around”

I did quite a bit of research. Onegraphic has them all beat! “

Harper L.


“A few hours after signing up, Colin had me all set up”

Elise N.


I didn’t even know if I had a backup. I do now… Daily!!”

Salvadore. S.