Is Your Website
Safe & Secure?


Security breaches on WordPress websites real…

Up to 70% of WordPress websites are vunerable.

As a website owner, it’s up to you to be vigilant and to ensure that your site isn’t susceptible to being hacked.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • When was your WordPress Installation last updated?
  • Does it get scanned for malware and viruses… ever?
  • Do you have a recent backup?… (or any backup?)

Peace of Mind

  • WordPress Core Updated Twice a Month
  • ALL Plugins Updated
  • FULL offsite Backup – Daily 
  • Deep Malware Scan – Daily


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What I do...

As you probably know, I design and build websites, I probably built yours.

WordPress (the software that runs your website), releases an update twice a month. The add on software (plug-ins) that enhance your website needs to be updated about once a month.

Usually your software needs to be updated because a security flaw has been discovered and the update will “patch” the software to protect your website.

What happens if you don’t keep the software current?

Well, your site will keep running the way it has… until it doesn’t. Unscrupulous people run software that actively looks for vunerable websites. Once they find the back door, they can delete your site, break your site or add malware and viruses to your site that can infect your visitors!

There is no foolproof way to stop them, but your best chance is to keep your site updated, scanned and backed up. Then you have a fighting chance.

I had to rebuild or restore 5 unprotected client’s website last year.

Keep your site safe

As soon as you sign up for this service, I will install the latest WordPress release and update all your plugins (at no additional charge).

I will then add backup and security scanning software.

Once the new software is installed, I schedule and run a deep security scan and a full backup. From then on, your site will scanned and backed up once a day. To be extra secure, I transmit the backup files to a second server run by a second company. So your backup files are on two servers… always. Almost fail-safe.

How Does it Work?

I will sign in to your site twice a month to check for needed updates. If new software is available, I will install the latest versions… including your main WordPress framework. Rest easy, its affordable…

This service has an introductory price of $39 until May 31st, after that it goes up to $49/month. Signing up before the 31st will lock you in at the lower price – for as long as you want.

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What People are Saying

“ Great Service”

I used to worry about hacking and software trouble. Not any more

Susan M.

“Best Price Around”

I did quite a bit of research. Onegraphic has the best features

Harper L.


“Colin had me all set up the same day. I don’t worry any more”

Elise N.


I didn’t even know if I had a backup. I do now… Daily!!”

Salvadore M.