SEO Services

If they don’t see you on Google… You don’t exist.

The overall design is a very  large part of your website’s success. However, it is only one part of the big picture. The design will help retain the visitor once they get to your site. But, how do you get them there? Good web design without good SEO is like painting a portrait for a blind person. They can’t appreciate what they can’t see.

“I think therefore I am”

René Descartes said this to prove existence. However, we have found that the biggest misconception in the website world is “If you Build it They Will Come“. This is certifiably NOT true. There are approximately 2 BILLION websites on the Internet, about 380 new sites are launched every minute!

Without some form of SEO, they may visit your site… But, it will be by accident.

This is where our SEO services comes in. We know what Google likes, and we know how to make your site look important to Google, and then get you to rank much higher within the search results.

What We Do

In our first conference, we ask you how you want to be found (in search terms). What is the product or service that you want to feature? If you are an Attorney, do you want to be found under “Real Estate Law” or “Criminal Law”? We will also help you decide what search phrase is important. We comb search engine data of real time searches to see HOW people search, then adjust your website copy to improve your ranking.

The Devil is in the Details…

We make adjustments to the underlying code of your website to make it more compatible with current search algorithms. We then rewrite and re-order parts of your copy (your words) to make word and phrases show up as more imprortant to Google. In the deluxe package we rename images to relate to your expectd search terms, for exaple an image of a service you provide names IMG00125.JPG doesnt help. If we rename the image Real-Estate-Law-Sylva-NC.JPG, it will help in the placement of your  business in the search results.


SEO pricing can be less expensive if you request it at the same time we are building a new site for you. If we are already under the hood of each page, it is simply less time consuming than adding SEO your existing site.

You don’t have to have SEO on each page, just the most important ones.

Level the Playing Field With Professional SEO 

Please contact us with your website needs, we will get you a FREE written quote within a few hours.