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Clean, professional design

The overall design is absolutely the most important part of your website. The color scheme must be harmonious. The colors can be light and airy or bold and vibrant, but have to be complimentary. We always begin a design comp with a harmonious color scheme.

A extremely important part of good web design is your navigation system or “menu”.  Have you ever been to a website where you have to hunt for the “Contact us” page? Easy to find pages keeps your visitors engaged.

Your typical website visitor knows they have hundreds of choices when searching for a product or service. If they can’t find it in a few seconds they hit the “back button” and they are gone.

Your Website’s Design Matters

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
Seeing the signs below, where would you prefer to eat?

I often use the above analogy when explaining the importance of a professional, attractive web site. People have no patience when visiting a website, their mouse pointer is literally edging towards the back button as they are looking over the  first paragraph on your site.

Three ingredients to a successful website

Your site needs to be strong in these three areas. If any one of these areas is weak, the site will fail (or at least under perform).


– Good search results placement (SEO)

– Good design (so they won’t leave as soon as your page loads)

– Great content (this actually will lead you to number 1)

Please have a look at some of my websites below.


Style With Attitude

Today, more than ever before, we live in an empowering environment filled with thriving women that are truly reinventing the world around them.Read more at http://stylewithattitude.org/

The Corporate Castle

Life coaching helps you learn how to make the right choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life. You will learn valuable strategies and , measure your progress daily, condition the habits of success. Read more at http://thecorporatecastle.com/

Henley & Company, NY

Henley & Company LLC, is a New York City based firm, as well as a full-service, network of experienced investment professionals utilizing the newest electronic communications and processing systems. Read more at http://www.henleyandcompany.com/

Brooke O'Shea Executive Leadership Coach

Brooke O’Shea has been guiding leaders and teams through the process of personal transformational change for over 16 years. Using a unique intention-led approach, Brooke collaborates with leaders and teams to develop a customized coaching experience that aligns people’s intentions and values with their behavior.. Read more at http://www.brookeoshea.com/


The Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE), a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence in high-technology manufacturing, is the go-to organization for manufacturing and advanced technical education. Read more at http://fl-ate.org/

Smith & Morgan Law, P.A.

Founding Attorney Michele D. Smith and her partner William J. Morgan, proudly providing legal services in Sylva, North Carolina.Read more at https://smithandmorganlaw.com/

Affordable Website Design

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